Climate & Culture’s New Year’s resolution results

Graphic with the words "Own it!"Almost 150 staff members signed up for the option to earn an extra $5 gift card for completing their New Year’s Resolution and of those a whopping 123 completed their resolution! Those who did not complete their resolution held up their end of the bargain and donated $5 to a cause of their choice.  

The following organizations received their donations: church & youth missions, Alternatives, American Heart Association, Children’s Discovery Center, Corey Brown ARL fund, food pantries, humane societies, MDA, National Wildlife Federation, Quota International, Special Olympics, Student Connection, Fire Departments, UNI Dance Marathon, and the Waterloo Hospitality House.

A huge thank you to everyone who participated in this activity – it’s great to see how even one small donation can make a huge difference in the communities we live and work in!

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