We knew you were doing a great job…and the data agrees!

Sam Miller, Chief Administrator

Hanover Research, a global market research and analytics firm, recently released results of an independent survey of Iowa’s educators regarding the services of Iowa’s Area Education Agency (AEA) system.

Over 8,000 responses were generated from an invitation to general education teachers, special education teachers, superintendents, principals, and other professional staff working in more than 300 public schools and over 100 non-public schools. The data was collected over a period in the late fall of 2018.

Central Rivers AEA had 1,229 respondents fill out the survey. Key findings for our agency revealed that educators are extremely pleased with AEA services overall in the areas of special education; educational services; and instructional media, Creative Services, and technology. Many services received over 95% customer satisfaction rates (defined as meeting or exceeding expectations), including audiology/hearing services; vision services; due process-mediation support; science support; support for teacher-librarians; teacher leadership support; math support; literacy support; licensure support; early childhood support; media services; and Creative Services.

Two areas of growth indicated by the survey were behavioral help services and mental health services, which are growing concerns in schools statewide. As you know, these are two areas where we are continuing to bolster our support and advocate for additional funding.

Thank you for your commitment to Central Rivers AEA and providing excellent customer experiences! We should all be extremely proud of how highly our agency is regarded by those we serve. We already knew you were doing a great job…and the data agrees!

Please feel free to review the Hanover Research executive summary regarding the survey.

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2 Responses to We knew you were doing a great job…and the data agrees!

  1. Peg Gannon says:

    What was the customer satisfaction rating for Speech Language support services? Were there any comments that went with the survery regarding speech and language services?
    Thank you.

  2. Beth Strike says:

    Thanks for your questions, Pat! Like so many services, Speech and Language services ranked high. Ninety-two percent of those familiar with Speech and Language services indicated that services were meeting or exceeding expectations. Hats off to you and your team! The survey was done in a quantitative format so there was not an opportunity for qualitative feedback.

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