Important information about BOEE Expiring Licenses (Certified/Licensed staff)

We were recently informed that the Board of Educational Examiners (BOEE) is no longer providing districts with access to a reporting system that allows Human Resources (HR) to search for expiring licenses. Therefore, we will have to rely on staff to provide HR with a copy of/or notification of an updated BOEE license. In turn, we will be still be able to send out notifications that your license is coming up for renewal.

In order to see what is on file in the HR office, please check your status in the Portal under My Personal Information>Personal Information. Since many staff have not provided HR with a copy of their license, we are in the process of updating these licenses from the BoEE website. However, if the dates are not up-to-date, it could mean your license is current but HR was not given a copy of your renewed license. We will continue to update the portal with the BoEE website as time permits but it is an employee responsibility to keep his/her license up-to-date. Reminders are sent out as a courtesy. If you have any questions, please contact the HR office.


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