Mandatory Reporter training needed for both child and dependent adult abuse

There are new legislative changes coming to the Mandatory Reporter training. We will be adopting curriculum from the Department of Human Services for training starting this summer.

  • The Child Abuse and Dependent Adult Abuse trainings will be separated and updated information from the BoEE clarified that educators will need to take BOTH the Child Abuse and Dependent Adult Abuse trainings.
  • Each of those trainings will move to a three-year expiration. Currently, it is five years; however, current valid certificates are not affected. If a person took a training yesterday, his/her certificate is still valid for five years from completion. At that point when he/she renews, this next certificate would be valid for three years.

The changes went into effect on July 1. Please reach out to Shirley Horak in Human Resources if you have questions.

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