Cell phone reimbursement application due September 1

photo of woman holding cell phone

The employee cell phone reimbursement is for the necessary use of a personal cell phone in order to perform the responsibilities of the employee’s position, per Central Rivers AEA Board Policies 401.27R1 and 401.27R2. 

Staff understands that their personal cell phone number will be listed in the Central Rivers AEA cell phone directory, which is published on the internal staff website. 

  • The reimbursable amount is based on the number of contracted months up to $120 annually.
  • All requests are subject to the approval of the AEA Regional Administrator and Executive Director.
  • New employees hired after the start of the year have 30 days from the date of hire to submit a request for reimbursement at a prorated amount.

To apply for the 2019-20 reimbursement, submit the request form before September 1, 2019. Payment will be made on September 20, 2019.

Any changes to a staff member’s number must be promptly reported for adjustment to Laura Rinnels at 641-355-4244.

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