Guidelines for Google Groups

Google Groups and email lists are maintained as a means of facilitating electronic communication between CRAEA and its stakeholders. Groups and lists are established and maintained by the Director of Communications & Creative Services in cooperation with other staff members. The Director of Communications & Creative Services and/or Chief Administrator has sole responsibility for authorizing individuals and offices/departments to post to these lists and will provide information to departments on the approval process for using distribution lists.

Individuals may create subsidiary distribution lists as desired using their individual Google or email accounts but should not duplicate efforts to solicit email addresses from local schools. Use of Contact Manager is the preferred method for reaching individual teacher groups vs. maintaining individual lists.

Agency e-mail distribution lists are not available to non-agency entities.

General guidelines for All-Staff and Superintendents Google Groups:

  1. Administrative staff will forward to the Executive Assistant/Board Secretary for review any email that he/she is requesting be distributed, and will identify the list(s) to which they wish to send the message.
  2. The Director of Communications & Creative Services will either approve the utilization of the distribution list (or lists) for the message or will inform the representative of the reason(s) why such utilization is denied.
  3. Material sent to distribution lists must be related to the specific group to whom the mail is being sent. Email will not be sent to superintendents and principal groups to promote professional learning for teacher audiences except at the discretion of an Executive Director.
  4. Use of plain black text, links and PDF attachments are encouraged. Prepare the email message exactly the way it should be sent out. Keep messages brief and to the point.
  5. Each message must contain the intended recipient(s), a meaningful subject line, and signature block with sender, sender’s agency affiliation, office telephone number and email address. Emails should be edited carefully for content before being sent for review.
  6. Repeat emails and corrections will be sent on a very limited basis.
  7. Messages should be sent to the Executive Assistant/Board Secretary two days in advance of the requested send date to allow adequate time for review whenever possible. Requests for same-day event messages are not guaranteed to be reviewed in time for the desired distribution.

Phew! That’s a lot of “stuff” to know. If you have questions, please contact Beth Strike.

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