Coronavirus: Health information for staff

CRAEA has been following the global outbreak of COVID-19, a respiratory illness caused by a new coronavirus. This topic has captured the media’s attention, and much of the reporting may generate fear and uncertainty.

We wanted to share information specific to our CRAEA team along with some simple, easy steps that you can take to help prevent the spread of any contagious virus, including COVID-19.

Similar to the flu virus, those at greatest risk of complications from COVID-19 are the very old, very young, and those with other chronic or underlying medical conditions. As of this weekend, there were three presumptive positive cases in Iowa although the vast majority of Americans have a low risk of exposure. 

The agency actively prepares for a variety of scenarios that could impact our staff. Tactics such as the use of disinfectant wipes and hand sanitizer stations are in place to respond to public health concerns. (More of these will be added in the coming days and supplies will be available for your use out in the field. Check with the receptionist at each of our three locations next week.)

This is not the first health situation to potentially impact our CRAEA community. When the United States experienced an outbreak of the H1N1 virus a decade ago, we were prepared. Not only are we following many of the guidelines from that situation, but we added new systems to help disinfect our buildings.

Staff members can help by following these simple, easy steps that help prevent the spread of ALL contagious viruses, including COVID-19. 

Practice the same routine hygiene used to help prevent the cold and flu.

  • Wash your hands
  • Stay home when sick
  • Avoid contact with the sick
  • Clean and disinfect 

Where you get your information about this virus is important. Look for information from reliable and trusted experts. Social media posts often report partial or inaccurate information.


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