Financial tip of the month by Michael Finley (The Crazy Man in the Pink Wig)

Did you know there is a direct relationship between how much you pay in fees and the return on your investments? You can earn more by paying less!

This is a great time to start identifying exactly how much you pay in fees. How much is the expense ratio (this is how mutual funds make their money)? Are you paying a Class A or C load (a commission that goes to a salesman)? Other commissions? Transaction fees? What is the financial advisor charging you? Other fees?

How might you pay less in fees? One option to consider is to invest in low cost index funds or ETFs that charge less than .1% per year. You should consider if paying a load or a commission when buying is worth it. One way to rid yourself of these other fees is to invest in a place like You can eliminate the advisor fee by doing it yourself. 

It is never too early nor too late to better understand this world of investing. If interested in learning more you could start by reading What Color is the Sky by Michael Finley and/or The Little Book of Common Sense Investing by John Bogle.

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