Handling office closures due to inclement weather

With professional learning primarily taking place remotely and many staff working from home, it made sense to revisit our procedures for inclement weather including professional learning cancellations and office closures. Below please find some clarification for the 2020-21 school year.

Will we ever actually “close” one of our three Central Rivers AEA main offices due to inclement weather if most of our staff are working remotely anyway?

Yes.  Although it will be trickier this year due to the number of districts that may be converting “snow days” to remote learning days. Site Superintendents will make a decision about a physical close of the office using the same criteria as in previous years: 1.) Local conditions in the community where the office is located; 2.) A majority of the school districts in the region are either closed or shifting to remote learning for the day.  Professional Learning will assess and determine their schedule separately this year since, at this time, the majority of offerings are virtual. Generally, virtual classes will still be held even if the main physical location is closed.

How will an “office closed” day be counted this year?

The same as it has in the past. Full-year employees who typically report to that office will observe an “office closed” day.  They may be required to work and/or choose to work, for all or part of the day, based on role, responsibilities, supervisor, and deadlines. 

Employees who are not year-round will provide services to their assigned districts as required by the district assuming the district is conducting learning (physical or virtual) for the day. If assigned districts are not conducting learning and truly observing a snow day, employees can use up to two remote office days to work from home. All other days should be an online calendar adjustment to make up the day when the district makes up the day.  This will ensure that the employee’s calendar stays in sync with the calendars of the district s/he serves.

Please speak to your direct supervisor if you have any questions or concerns. 

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