COVID-19 vaccine update

We continue to try and coordinate vaccine opportunities with our various counties with mixed results.  In general, you are considered for the vaccine based on your tier (1A = Medical or 1B = Education), the county you work or reside in, and if that county has the vaccine and has offered us the opportunity.  As you can imagine, there is a lot of variability in when our counties are receiving the vaccine, the amount of vaccine they are receiving, and how they are prioritizing the opportunity.

We want to reiterate that if you choose to get the vaccine and have the opportunity prior to one being coordinated through Central Rivers AEA, please feel free to do so.  Some staff have had success in contacting their local Department of Public Health, and some staff have been successful in calling various pharmacies in an effort to get added to their list or scheduled based on availability.  Sometimes it is easier to get added as an individual than as a group, as they may need to find a single person to ensure that a vial is completely used.

The Iowa Department of Public Health recently launched a website providing some information on the locations/links for organizations that may be offering the vaccinations.  If you desire to try and secure a vaccine ASAP, you may want to try this link:  IDPH Vaccination Information.  Click on “Vaccine Provider Information” to see potential opportunities in your county.  

Please let HR know if you have any questions, comments or concerns.

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