Central Rivers AEA stands strong in support of diversity

In June, the agency took a clear stance against the racial injustice and discrimination that has plagued the Black community in our nation for far too long. We feel it’s equally as important to take the same stance against the violence and discrimination often aimed at the Asian American community today. 

Each of us must commit to doing everything we can to counter racial injustice and discrimination where we see it and take a stand. For lasting change to occur, we must keep the conversation going. As an agency, we value and respect diversity and celebrate our differences.

For more information related to supporting the Asian American community, please visit the Division 45 Anti-Asian Discrimnation Task Force website.

For more information related to supporting the Black community, please visit the Black Lives Matter website.

Together, we can send a clear message that discrimination, violence, and injustice simply won’t be tolerated.

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