Employee Assistance Program (EAP)/Mental health supports

We recognize that employees may from time to time experience stress, trauma or other life events that affect both their personal and work lives as well as their overall quality of life.  Our EAP offers confidential professional assessment and referral assistance for employees to help them address such challenges.  

Examples of the major life issues for which you may receive support from an EAP professional include: 

  • Depression, anxiety and other mood disorders
  • Relationship or family problems, including divorce and abuse
  • Substance abuse (e.g., drugs, alcohol) and other addiction problems
  • Job-related stress or anxiety

Information regarding the EAP is provided below:

Also, a reminder that other programs exist for Employees with concerns regarding their mental health.  Please contact your direct supervisor or Karl Kurt, Assistant Chief Administrator/Director of Human Resources for further information or support.

  • Personal Health Care Provider (as part of your insurance package)
  • Dr on Demand (as part of your insurance package)
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