What is Contact Manager and how can I use it to target email communication?

Contact Manager is a tool created to allow staff to send email messages for targeted groups of educators. The system uses data collected and housed in the Central Rivers AEA Lending Library system (Medianet). This is a great tool for promoting your professional learning opportunities or meetings that are targeted toward specific audiences.

How do I use Contact Manager?

  1. Go to: http://contactmanager.centralriversaea.org
  2. If you are not signed in, click the “Sign in with Google” Button and follow the prompts to sign in through Google.
  3. Click “Search Contacts” to begin.
  4. Select the criteria from the options on the page to narrow your search from all the educators our agency serves to only those in your desired group.
  5. Click the “search” button at the bottom of the page.
  6. Select individuals or all the members of this group to email (create labels for and/or export into a spreadsheet) by using the check boxes next to each name.
  7. Then, click your desired action at the bottom of the page (Email Selected Contacts, Export Selected Contacts, Generate Labels).
  8. Follow the steps on screen to finish!

Who do I contact for help?

Note: These directions are archived on the Staff Website>Communications>Contact Manager for future reference.

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