Digital accessibility follow-ups and updates

Thank you to everyone who completed the Accessibility Self-Paced Training Course! We wanted to continue to provide you with some examples as well as some tips and tricks to ensure content that you create digitally will be accessible to everyone. We will continue to explore and address as many of your questions as possible. You can always return to the Accessibility Self-Paced Training to review the different ways you can make documents more accessible. For more examples and feedback, please view the Accessibility Follow-Ups document. If you have any questions or need support, please contact the CRAEA help desk at

Reminder of CRAEA’s expectations regarding accessibility: Digital accessibility is not only a legal requirement, but an obligation to ensure everyone can utilize our products and services.  Creating an inclusive digital environment will provide access to our resources and limit barriers while enhancing participation among those we support and serve. 

Important to note: When creating content digitally, always consider the audience. You cannot assume your content regardless of the format (Documents, Slides, Sheets or the web) will not be accessed by someone who has a disability. Our job is to create opportunities, not obstacles. 

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