“Thank you” day added to your leave bank

It’s no secret that our staff go above and beyond to serve children, families and educators each year. This year, staff have gone to even greater lengths to serve given the continued challenges of the pandemic.

To acknowledge your awesomeness, the Central Rivers AEA board and administration, has added one extra leave day available for your use by June 30. Staff are asked to arrange use with their supervisor and formally request the leave through the Infinite Visions leave system under the category of “Thank You” leave.  Leave can be taken in two-hour increments or as a full day.

We appreciate everything you do and want you to take time to do something for yourself. Use this leave to do anything that “fills your bucket” and helps you stay in balance.  

As Aladdin says, there are a couple of provisions…

  • This applies to all Central Rivers AEA staff.
  • River Hills, Detention Center and Youth Shelter staff: Supervisors will communicate with you how this will work in your respective programs.
  • The “thank you” leave must be used by June 30, 2022. It can not be carried over or cashed out. Said another way? Use it or lose it.

For balance/inquiries contact: Robin Billerbeck 

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2 Responses to “Thank you” day added to your leave bank

  1. Sarah LeClair-Jones says:

    Wow! This is so appreciated! What a thoughtful surprise during a challenging year.

  2. Nancy Meyer-Davis says:

    I just read about the “Thank You” leave recently approved by the Board of Directors and administration. To acknowledge the pandemic’s challenges and impact on all staff (including administration) is admirable! At my first agency meeting in 2019, Sam said “we are a family and as a family, we take care of each other.” This is another example of the board and administration doing just that. You are greatly appreciated for your dedication to all staff!

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