Employee portal changes coming soon

We recently made the decision to change our accounting software this summer due to dissatisfaction with the support and cost of our current software. The new software is called Software Unlimited and is used by over 80% of Iowa schools and four AEA’s. The employee portal that we currently refer to as MyPortal, will be converted to Web Link, an accounting portal where items like mileage reimbursement, leave requests and paystubs/W-2’s will be located. Many other Business Office/Human Resources forms will be relocated to the staff intranet which will be given a face lift over the next few months.

Some key things to note with this new software:

  • For the majority of you, there will be a slight change in how you request mileage/travel reimbursement, request leave, submit insurance enrollment and view things like paystubs and W-2’s.
  • Many of our procedures and forms will be relocated as we are also in the process of “refreshing” our staff intranet site.
  • The Time Clock will not change.
  • You will receive a separate username and password to access Web Link.

Please be patient as we transition this summer and as always, know that our many support teams (Administrative Assistants, Help Desk, Business Office, Human Resources, etc.) are here to help when you need assistance.

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