Accreditation site visit on the horizon

The Iowa Department of Education (DE) will begin AEA 267’s accreditation visit on March 10-11, 2009 with a document review. The DE team will follow up with LEA and AEA interviews on April 14-16 and on May 12-13, the team will conclude follow up activities. All activities will take place on the Cedar Falls campus.

The DE accreditation team will be comprised of staff from the DE, other AEAs and our local districts. The accreditation process is based upon a triangulation of evidence that includes written documentation and interviewing a representative sample of local district and AEA personnel around our three goals specific to the standards. The standards represented are school community planning, professional development, curriculum, instruction and assessment, special education/diverse learning needs of all children, multicultural gender-fair, media services, information school technology, and leadership. Accreditation cycles for AEAs are on a five-year schedule.

A special section of the AEA 267 website has been established for accreditation documents and information. Use the pull down menu under “About Us” on the front page of the agency website and go to “accreditation.”

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