Service to our partners…big and little things

The comments in this article are focused on one of the little things we can do to serve our customers well. I was reminded of this as I visited a local retailer and noticed all the employees’ cars parked at the back of the lot, leaving the best parking spaces for the customer. It is one of those little things, but a nice thing to do as we serve our partners at AEA 267. I’m not suggesting we always need to use the parking space that is farthest from the building but to at least allow the first few rows for those that come to the AEA as our customers and partners. Are there exceptions? Of course. When you are arriving just to run in and out before you are on the road again, taking advantage of a great parking space only makes sense. When you are arriving with a load of easels, boxes, stacks of books, etc. it is easier to park close to the door. But when you are arriving to stay for the day, combine a healthy walk with a courtesy to our customers.

As you arrive for work in the morning, park in the lot assigned or designated for your building, and leave the best and closest spaces for our guests.

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