AEA 267 crisis team responds to A-P tragedy


Stan Hanus, AEA 267 School Psychologist

As nearly everyone is aware, on June 24 the Aplington-Parkersburg Community School District was struck by tragedy again when well known coach and teacher Ed Thomas was gunned down in the high school weight room. As many as 20 students and a handful of adults were witness to the event. Hundreds, if not thousands of others in the community have been impacted by his death.

Within a short time after the incident took place, the AEA 267 crisis response team, led by Stan Hanus, AEA 267 School Psychologist, was assembled and dispatched to assist. AEA 267 staff members stayed on site for two days providing crisis response assistance to students, faculty, administrators, and parents. Efforts were coordinated with mental health professionals from other crisis intervention organizations who were on the scene.

“I’m so impressed by the response I received from our staff when I put out the call for help,” said Hanus in reporting to the AEA 267 Board of Directors. “Obviously this happened when school was out and many staff were already gone and yet people quickly responded to help.”

The AEA 267 crisis response team also provided assistance to the Ventura Community School District later this summer when a student was killed in a car accident.

“We are there when districts need us,” said Hanus.

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3 Responses to AEA 267 crisis team responds to A-P tragedy

  1. Sara McInerny says:

    Kudos to our crisis team. How great is it that we can provide such wonderful support to a community in need. We are proud of all of you.


  2. Justin Stockdale says:

    As a graduate of AP and former player under Coach Thomas, I would like to personally thank the team members who worked with the AP students, staff, and community during this horrific event. Words cannot express how impressed the entire AP Community was with the efforts of the AEA 267-Crisis Response Team. The entire team stepped up and provided a service unmatched by other agencies. Each and every one of you deserves a huge round of applause. Job well done folks.

  3. Kelly Etjen says:

    Hi! I have just recently returned to work at the AEA and being a life long resident of Parkersburg ,past employee of the AP school and having loved ones that attend and work at the school, I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to the crisis team and everyone at the AEA for the support to my community. It has been such a rollercoaster with the extreme events that have occurred and the responses we have received. It is IMMENSE and thank you doesn’t seem to fit, but please know you all make a difference and are appreciated. Emotions are still very raw in the community and every milestone we reach in town is a step in our healing process together. Thanks for being there! Kelly Etjen

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