Board votes not to renew lease on Osage sector office

The AEA 267 Board of Directors voted not to renew the lease on the AEA 267 Osage sector office citing budget restraints. Approximately 10 special education staff members are housed in the office which also serves as a daycare site for the community. Staff members will be provided office space in other locations in the area beginning July 1, 2010.

The move will save the agency approximately $35,000 including secretarial staff time and equipment related services.

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2 Responses to Board votes not to renew lease on Osage sector office

  1. Cam Treloar says:

    Was this information released to the staff of the AEA before it was published in the paper? I was taken by surprise when I read it in the local paper.

  2. Dean Meier says:

    Yes, the information was released to the Osage Sector staff when Jay Colsch met with them on the afternoon of January 15. Other affected partners, the Osage School District and the Osage Day Care Board, were also informed prior to the date the information was in the newspaper.

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