Update on AEA Chief Administrator, Assistant Chief/Director of Personnel Search

After selecting G. Tryon and Associates as the firm to conduct the search for a new Chief Administrator and Assistant Chief Administrator/Director of Personnel, the AEA 267 Board of Directors is moving forward with assembling focus groups to assist with the process.

Five focus groups have been identified including the following:  Classified/Non-Union Support staff, Licensed Staff, AEA Administrative Staff, Superintendents, and K-12 Administrative staff. Each focus group will be comprised of 12 to 15 people and meet six times in order to discuss desired leadership characteristics, current issues impacting the agency, and participate in candidate interviews.

An advertisement for the Chief Administrator position has been published in the Des Moines Register and other pertinent sources. It is believed that the new Chief Administrator will be secured by April 2 and the Assistant Chief Administrator/Director of Personnel by April 20.

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