Correction regarding donations to Devonshire

It was brought to our attention that the Student Records Office in Cedar Falls received all the credit for the recent donations to AEA 267 Devonshire School, when in fact they were from the entire Special Education Office in Cedar Falls. The Records Office did deliver them to Devonshire, and we would like to thank everyone who did donate items to Devonshire. It was very much appreciated by the students from Devonshire as well as the entire staff.”

Susan R. Glessner
Student Records Supervisor

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One Response to Correction regarding donations to Devonshire

  1. Paula Goetz says:

    We have a big “Thank You” in our display case recognizing the entire special education office in Cedar Falls. Our school store has been a busy place with students really appreciating the upgrade. Personal hygiene products continue to be our hottest items. Staff and students appreciate your generosity. Thanks again to everyone!

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