Educators give AEA 267 high marks on Customer Feeback Survey

Ninety-one percent of educators who responded to the 2010 Iowa Department of Education survey say that Area Education Agency 267 (AEA 267) services meet their professional needs. The survey, which has 13 basic questions about AEA services, yielded nearly 1,880 responses or about 37.6 % of the educators served by the agency.

Other results include:

  • 85% of educators say that AEA 267 staff maintain good working relationships with them
  • 85% of educators indicate that AEA 267 staff have the knowledge and skills needed to have a positive impact on their school
  • 85% of educators say that AEA services have assisted in improving their classroom instruction and/or job-related practices
  • 80% of educators believe AEA 267 is responsive to their local student learning needs
  • 80% of educators indicate that AEA 267 delivers current and timely services.

“In the midst of an economically-challenged time for both the schools we serve and our agency, our staff are unwavering in their commitment to excellence,” said Dr. Dean Meier, chief administrator. “I continue to be incredibly proud of our staff members and the quality work they do.”

The 2010 Customer Feedback Survey data will be analyzed in a variety of ways including by district, sector, and educator group. Areas for growth and improvement will be identified and discussed as part of the agency’s overall action plan.

The Iowa Department of Education AEA customer feedback survey is administered to all Iowa educators annually.

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