Happy 35th Anniversary to Iowa’s AEAs (and our 35-year staff)

Iowa Area Education Agencies (AEAs) are celebrating 35 years of service to children, families, educators, and communities. In 1974, the passage of Senate File 1163 established 15 area education agencies (AEAs) with the same service areas as community colleges. The AEAs began operation on July 1, 1975. Area Education Agency 267 will honor 17 staff members who have been with the AEA system all 35 years at each of our retirement celebrations:

  • Becky Anderson
  • Joanne Broadston
  • Janice Dykstra
  • Catherine Edwards
  • Dennis Ford
  • Carol Hunchis
  • Bruce Jensen
  • David Kobes
  • Marjorie Krull
  • Linda Martin
  • Judy Moser
  • Georgine Myles
  • Mary Nichols
  • Rick Pearce
  • Dennis Sinclair
  • Christy Schmitt
  • Kathleen Walker

Through voluntary mergers in recent years, Iowa’s AEAs currently total 10, and will become a total of nine with the merger of Green Valley and Loess Hills AEAs on July 1, 2010.

With the establishment of the area education agency system, Iowa became a national leader in providing regional, intermediate educational services. The Iowa system continues to be among the most comprehensive and highly respected in the country. Over the years, various legislative initiatives have added new and changing roles for AEAs. In 1996, the legislature approved an accreditation process under which AEAs must demonstrate they meet the standards as defined by the Iowa Department of Education. The scope of services of Iowa’s area education agencies expanded to include, “leadership and services in school improvement to schools and school districts so every learner may perform at higher education levels.”

Iowa AEAs are supporting the Iowa Department of Education and local school districts with implementation of the Iowa Core Curriculum.

Congratulations to the AEA system and our 35-year employees for establishing a legacy of service and excellence that will live on for years to come!

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