AEA 267 staff members chart new territory with podcasts about purpose of PD

In order to help districts make informed decisions about AEA 267 Iowa Core professional development offerings in the area of literacy, math, and science, three podcasts available for administrators and teachers were posted to the AEA 267 website recently. The purpose of the podcasts is to help district personnel determine, based on their data, whether or not they should have participants attend Iowa Core Professional Development offerings sponsored by the agency. They also help guide educators on who should attend. The podcasts give a more detailed description of what will be learned and expectations for each offering.

In his visits with area school districts, AEA 267 Chief Administrator Roark Horn learned that this type of information was of high value to educators and he began inquiring with AEA 267 staff about how the task could be accomplished. Within days, our folks had risen to the occasion and produced the podcasts. Podcasts can be viewed at
AEA 267 Educational Services consultants Laurie Hayzlett, Chris Quisley, Drinda Williams and AEA 267 Digital Teaching and Learning Coordinator, Deb Versteeg, produced the podcasts on behalf of their respective teams. Astonishing!

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  1. Marcia Tweeten says:

    This is a good vehicle to assist LEAs to understand what the ICC sessions are all about. It is just another example to showcase the AEA operating principles. THANK YOU.

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