Farewell, Darrel!

Darrel Lind, retiring AEA 267 board memberDarrel Lind, longtime board member and advocate for the AEA system has retired from the AEA 267 board. Darrel has served the AEA system as a board member since 2000 when he was sworn in on the Northern Trails AEA board.

Darrel’s wisdom, kindness and incredible respect for AEA staff members will be sorely missed. We wish him well and thank him for his tireless and gracious years of service.

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4 Responses to Farewell, Darrel!

  1. Dea Ellen Epley Birtwistle says:

    Thanks for all your work and dedication. Dea Ellen Epley Birtwistle

  2. Kerri Wilson says:


    We will miss you on the Board and wish you well in your future endeavors. I have appreciated your insight and support. I hope you and Marilyn are able to plan some visits with your family. Keep in touch!

  3. Larry Niebur says:

    Thank you for many years of educating and caring for students!

    I really enjoyed the opportunity last spring to reminisce about our early years of teaching computer technology, and to find out what you are doing now.

    From the beginning, it was very obvious to me that you not only want to teach knowledge and skills, but you will do everything you can to ensure that students learn and are able to use the knowledge and skills that you share with them. You care about your students. You are truly a great educator!

  4. Beth Strike says:

    Thank you for your years of service, Darrel. You are a model of what exemplary board members look like: fair, forward-thinking, knowledgeable, and dedicated. Best to you!

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