Take part in “Start Somewhere Walk” on October 7

Recently, Governor Terry Branstad announced a plan to make Iowa the Healthiest State within five years as measured by the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index®.  The Healthiest State Initiative is a community and business-led, government-endorsed statewide effort that will engage citizens throughout the state to improve their overall health and well-being.

Iowa’s 2010 overall Well-Being Index rank is 19th compared to all other states. The goal is to become number one in five years. While Iowa scores well in many areas, there is a significant opportunity for improvement in healthy behavior and work environment. Branstad also noted that addressing comprehensive lifestyle changes could allow the State to redirect as much as $16 billion* over the next five years to grow the state economy [versus being consumed by health care ($11 billion) and lost productivity ($5 billion)]. The success of this initiative is critical to the economic viability of the State and translates to a healthier Iowa and better quality of life for all its residents.

As a first step on the road to becoming the Healthiest State, all Iowans are encouraged to take part in a Start Somewhere Walk on Friday, October 7. At noon that day, communities, neighborhoods, schools, businesses, churches and other groups across the state will gather to walk one kilometer (0.62 miles, or about 7-8 blocks) as a way to demonstrate their support for the Healthiest State goal. AEA 267 staff members are encouraged to participate!


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