Passing on information for outside organizations

As budgets shrink, more and more organizations are looking to email to send information and announcements. The agency has received many requests recently from outside organizations (colleges, universities, museums, etc.) who ask that we share their announcements with a large group of teachers and educators via email. These electronic mailings are sometimes known as “email blasts.” While we want to remain good partners with these entities, we also want to honor the requests of our LEA partners by not inundating them with information or implying our endorsement.  Thus, at Ad Cabinet this week, it was decided that these requests will generally be declined although some information is appropriate for posting on the Professional Development page of the agency website. If you receive requests to pass on information for an outside organization to a general group of teachers or school administrators, please refer the request to Beth Strike, AEA 267 Communications Specialist, to coordinate and respond.

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