AEA 267 raises $1,540 to benefit area food pantries

Thank you to everyone who donated both cash and prizes for the 2012 Food Bank Drive. Together, we were able to raise $1,540 to help stock food pantries in Iowa. What a great accomplishment! Special thanks to Kerri Wilson, Amanda McMartin, Barb Ehrig, Donna Perry, Lori Thomas, and Beth Strike  for their support and assistance with this process.

On December 18, a random number generator was used to pick the winners of the prizes donated by our administrative staff. The winners are:



Donated by

$10 Walmart card Shane Wolf Larry Niebur
$10 Walmart card Marcia Brolsma Larry Niebur
$25 Target card Barb Shafer Dennis Sinclair
Chocolate Lover’s Basket Lisa Cox Amy Knupp & Karen Aldrich
Knitted accessory scarf Julie Zahner Dr. Carol Sensor
$25 Casey’s card Cheryl Everman Julie Davies
$15 Target card Hether Gustafson Kim Swartz
$15 Target card Amber Mann Kim Swartz
$25 Panera card Carol Bottom Jay Colsch/Judy Moser
“Home” plaque Barb Schroeder Kerri Wilson
$25 Casey’s card Kerri Wilson Dr. Bev Plagge
$25 Applebee’s card Colette Sampson Justin Stockdale
Custom soap basket Margie Jensen Dr. Roark Horn
$25 Hy-Vee card Jan Folkerts Jerry Schnabel
Handmade mittens Becky Ackerman Cheryl Carruthers
$25 Casey’s card Elissa Berding Dr. Anne Sullivan
$20 Walmart card Sue Hotzel Dennis Scudder
$15 iTunes card Kirsten Moore Dennis Scudder
$20 Walmart card Joanne Broadstone Beth Strike
$20 Walmart card Harold Lucas Kim Neal
Tea/coffee/cocoa basket Belinda Blackburn Edie Penno
$25 Casey’s card Julie Alexander Dr. Mary Stevens
$20 Target card Charlene Varney Rod Ball
Homemade lasagna Jane Frizzell Gary Whitmore
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