Action plans provide focus for agency’s work

As you learned in an article in last month’s Intersections, the agency Continuous Improvement Team (CIT) has been voluntarily working through the phases of the Schools in Need of Assistance (SINA) process. The result of this work has been the development of action plans to address each of three priority areas identified. Action plans have been completed and recently peer reviewed by the Continuous Improvement Team.

Please take some time to watch each of the screencasts below to learn more about the three action plans developed. Share your comments or ideas directly in the “Leave a Comment” section of this post.

Early Literacy and Numeracy: (presented by Barb Shafer)

Learning Supports: (presented by Jay Colsch)

Implementation: (presented by Jackie Gray)

Further details regarding the Continuous Improvement Team SINA process are available on our website.

For more information, contact Dr. Jon McKenzie.

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  1. Marcia Tweeten says:

    I am impressed to see that AEA 267 is utilizing a framework for improvement (SINA) that the AEA uses with the LEAs that we serve! The components of the SINA process (audit, diagnosis, design, implementation, evaluation) are akin to other systems improvement processes like RtI, IPDM, PBIS…

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