Agency Leadership Teams unveil Culture/Climate action plans

Please take time to review the AEA 267 Culture/Climate action plan. Share your thoughts and ideas via the “Leave a Reply” section of this post!


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  1. Kevin Scharper says:

    RE: “In my day-to-day work, my opinions seem to count. (70.03% of respondents strongly agree/agree)” – Plan = “A consistent process for sharing decisions and the reasons behind those decisions will be developed by Ad Cabinet and communicated by Beth Strike as well as individually by administrators. When appropriate, staff input and perspectives will be gathered prior to a decision. Staff will be encouraged to share their perspectives on any given situation when appropriate. ”

    “When appropriate” is no longer acceptable within our IEP writing to describe the frequency associated with the needs of students. Maybe the same reasoning should be used to make it equally unacceptable in our AEA plans. If one continues to decide to keep “when appropriate”, a definition would need to be agreed upon so everyone can count on what this means for this plan and increase respondents believe that their opinion counts. (We also do not need more micro-management on each decision.) So better yet, following 3 years of Fierce Conversations PD, wouldn’t it most always be appropriate to have a conversation rather than to decide to withhold the opportunity for conversation, which appears to be a major contributor to when Fierce conversations are most unsuccessful? Susan Scott conclusions from Fierce Conversations would also say “Not next week, this week. Then do it again with someone else on your list, only do it better. After three times, you’ll be getting good at this.” So, let our plans no longer include procrastination of conversations. Further, “When appropriate” (usually associated with someone’s power/authority) is simply not in the Fierce Conversation PD, as I understand Susan Scott’s initiative.

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