Password Tips

Special thanks to Dr. Jerry Schnabel for contributing this valuable article.

From time-to-time I get a question about the security of a staff member’s email, Google, iVisions, etc. account. At the agency, we do a number of things to minimize risk. For example, we require that all users change their passwords every 120 days and have password requirements that make them hard to crack. We also protect from password cracking attempts by shutting down accounts after a certain number of unsuccessful password attempts.

The iVisions site is secured through the use of encryption software that is the industry standard. This is how we encrypt all data on the site (including passwords).  All AEA 267 Web sites with https:// in front of their address use this type of security.

While the agency takes multiple measures to ensure the safety of your data, you also have an important role in keeping your password safe. Using a post-it note on a computer with a password prominently displayed may help you remember it, but anyone passing by can see it too. If you do write it down, store it out of sight, in a secure place away from your computer.

If you want to change your password at any time, you may go to and select “Change Password”. If you forget your password, you can go to the same site and select “Reset”. The IT staff does not have access to your password, so this is the best way to reset a forgotten password.

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