Update on accreditation site visit

Your Administrative Cabinet members (Dr. Roark Horn, Dr. Mary Stevens, Dr. Jerry Schnabel, Julie Davies, Dr. Jon McKenzie, David Nicholson, Kathy Enslin, and Beth Strike) presented an overview presentation during the opening of our accreditation site visit. As you may recall, every five years, the agency participates in this official review of agency programs and services, which is facilitated by the Iowa Department of Education. The site visit serves as an opportunity to ensure that AEA standards for service are being met and that progress is being made toward established goals. As a reminder, interview teams will be on site to meet with selected AEA staff members along with those we serve on April 22-24. We look forward to this opportunity to showcase all of your hard work as well as discover opportunities for continued growth as an organization. For more information, contact Dr. Jon McKenzie or visit the accreditation 2014 website. This is a powerful section of our website with a great deal of information about the results of our collective efforts. Check it out!

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  1. Marcia Tweeten says:

    The work of the DuFours in Professional Learning Communities (PLCs ) and the work of Dr. Ann Mausbach in leading our work in the Professional Leadership Learning Network (PLN) both indicate the necessity of the development of your vision, mission, and values/ beliefs as the cornerstone of the work. I appreciate the work that the agency has done to connect these pieces as we continue to provide “Leadership in Learning” to those whom we serve. It is not easy to bring all of this together, and we all have a part to play in the big picture. Sometimes finding or seeing that niche is difficult. Thank you for your work to bring this to life, so that people like me can continue to do what we do.

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