December Board recap

The AEA 267 Board of Directors met Wednesday, December 10 at 5 p.m. via conference call from the AEA 267 Cedar Falls Administrative Building. During the meeting, the board:

  • Approved a first reading of the following board policies:
    • 401.27R1 – Employee Use of Cell Phones & Other Communication Devices Regulations
    • 401.27R2 – Agency Cell Phone & Reimbursement Procedures/Request Form
    • 405.1 – Sick Leave
    • 405.3 – Bereavement Leave
    • 405.4 – Medical Emergency Leave
    • 405.7 – Jury Duty
    • 405.8 – Personal Leave
  • Accepted a donation to the agency of a Zippie Wheelchair
  • Voted to elect James Green of Grant Wood AEA to represent Iowa’s AEAs on the Iowa Association of School Boards
  • Heard a variety of reports from directors and fellow board members

The AEA 267 Foundation meeting was held immediately following the regular board meeting.


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