AEA 267 raises $2,241 to benefit area food banks

 Thank you to everyone who donated both cash and prizes for the 2014 Food Bank Drive. Together, we were able to raise $2,241 to help stock food pantries in Iowa. What a great accomplishment! Special thanks to Dyan Johnson, Morgan Frederick, Beth Strike, and Lori Thomas for their support and assistance with this process.

On December 19, a random number generator was used to pick the winners of the prizes donated by our administrative staff. The winners were:

Prize Winner Donated by
$10 Caseys Gift Card Barb Schroeder Janelle Brouwer
$25 HyVee Gift Card Carol Hanson Mary Stevens
Gift Basket of coffee, tea, chocolates and cookies) Christin Squier Edie Penno
$25 Caseys Gift Card Colette Sampson Bev Plagge
Soap Basket Deb Versteeg Roark Horn
$50 Applebees Gift Card Debbie Morris Jay Colsch/Judy Moser
$15 Subway Gift Card Diana Gambaiani Justin Stockdale
$25 Walmart Gift Card Emilie Souhrada Rod Ball
$25 Caseys Gift Card Jan Dykstra Jerry Schnabel
$25 HyVee Gift Card Jan Hedberg Julie Davies
Pan of Homemade Lasagna Kay Meaney Gary Whitmore
$20 Kwik Star Gift Card Keri Hudson Jon McKenzie
$25 Gas Card Leah Marth Dave Nicholson
$25 Kohls Gift Card Miriam Simpson Kerri Wilson
Soap Basket Morgan Frederick Roark Horn
Handmade Table Runner Nancy Conner Cheryl Carruthers
$25 Applebees Gift Card Pat Weigel Kathy Enslin
$15 Starbuck’s Gift Card Sandy Ubben Kim Swartz
$20 HyVee Gift Card Sarah Moore Beth Strike
$10 Caseys Gift Card Sue Hotzel Janelle Brouwer
$25 Target Gift Card Sue Longcor Denny Sinclair
$15 Starbuck’s Gift Card Teri Boezinger Kim Swartz
Knitted Scarf Virgene Hopkey Carol Sensor
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