4-digit dialing, “Phone Book” feature now available

AEA 267 has recently completed an upgrade to the Marshalltown office telephone system. This upgrade, along with upgrades to the Clear Lake and Cedar Falls office telephone systems that occurred over the last several years, have allowed the agency to integrate the individual systems at each of the three main offices into one system. This integration allows four-digit dialing between the offices, as well as the ability to use the phone book feature to look up telephone numbers in all locations.

To dial someone within the three offices, rather than dialing the entire number, i.e. 319 273-8227 you can simply dial the last four digits of their number. In this example it would be 8227. Because there are some duplicate numbers between the Clear Lake and Cedar Falls offices, to dial any Clear Lake number that starts with a 4 you must change that first digit from a 4 to a 2. For example, 4280 becomes 2280 for four-digit dialing purposes.

To use the phone book feature on your telephone, simply press the “phone book” button, type in the last name of the person whose number you are looking for and press the “Lookup” button. With that process you can look up the number of any user within the three offices. If you have questions you can always contact Greg EhrigTerry Davis or Dave Schaefer and they will be glad to help.

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