“Regional Administrator” role to lead to greater integration of AEA 267 services


Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 2.51.49 PMA new administrative role has been developed which was designed specifically to ensure a more purposeful integration of the three service areas. The role of “Regional Administrator” will replace the role of “Special Education Coordinator” effective July 1, 2016. Regional Administrators will oversee a team of staff members from all three service areas who are assigned to deliver service to a handful of districts.

The new role will have eight distinct responsibilities, including:

  1. Participating as a member of the AEA 267 leadership team and promoting AEA 267’s vision and core values in daily work.
  2. Serving as the administrative liaison between the AEA and local school districts and participating in local school administrative team meetings.
  3. Supporting local school districts in the development and implementation of school improvement plans.
  4. Supporting local school districts in the development and implementation of school technology supports.
  5. Supporting AEA staff and local school districts in implementing special education procedures to ensure appropriateness of services for students requiring special education.
  6. Aligning and allocating resources to ensure the delivery of quality agency services.
  7. Establishing, implementing and evaluating agency activities in response to best practices and changing client needs.
  8. Managing, supervising and evaluating effectiveness of AEA staff assigned to local school districts within a designated region.

The map above shows the original four sectors, the new regions, and the Regional Administrator who will be leading each at the start of the 2016-17 school year. Between now and July 1, leadership team members will be receiving training and refining how the new role fits at AEA 267.

While the change is an exciting one, it also undoubtedly brings with it many questions for staff members. For the most part, implementation of the new role will not bring with it many changes for staff in their daily work in the short term aside from which Regional Administrator they may be assigned to beginning July 1. In the coming months, team lists will be shared along with other details that will be of interest. Later this week, the news will be shared with superintendents, principals and other LEA administrative team members.

In the meantime, if you have questions, please post them here or contact your Service Area Director.

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