Creative Services piloting new ordering system

Did you know that the AEA 267 Creative Services department receives approximately 100 orders per day? Orders currently come in via two different email addresses, an online form on the website, van mail, walk-in, as well as Digital Storefront, a virtual “store” for print.  That’s a lot of channels to manage for workflow as well as track for accurate billing!

A new Google order form has been developed and is being piloted. While the form seems straightforward from the user’s side, with the help of advanced Google coding, the “back side” of the form automates the workflow and billing incredibly saving Creative Services staff time and eventually increasing efficiency.

If you would like to participate in the pilot, feel free to use this form when submitting your order during the week of March 6-10. We know the form isn’t perfect, so share your experience in using by responding to this survey when you are done. If you have questions or concerns while submitting your order, please direct them to Dave Johnson.

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