Update on Board Policy 403.7 Certified Employee Resignation

For certified staff only: The proposed policy #403.7 was taken to the Board on March 2, 2022, for the 1st reading. Action is set for the April Board meeting, scheduled for April 6, 2022. 

Noted changes:

  • Employees with individual contracts requesting release from a contract after it has been issued and before it expires will be required to reimburse the Agency up to $1,000 for actual costs incurred to locate and hire a suitable replacement. The costs shall be payable to the Agency by the employee as a condition for Board approval of the release.
  • In the event an employee terminates employment without proper release, the Chief Administrator shall notify the Board of Educational Examiners.


This is a policy that other LEAs and AEAs employ. Last year we had a number of late resignations, which has had a negative impact on our ability to provide services and support to our LEA partners, creating a ripple effect in our disciplines and the workload of other team members. The change in policy is an effort to mitigate the negative impact of late resignations.

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