Central Rivers AEA “Thank You” storefronts close December 31

A reminder that staff have the opportunity to personally choose and purchase a “Thank You” Central Rivers AEA branded apparel item until December 31. There are two storefronts set up for this promotion; One site is preset with $30 items only and will be charged straight to the agency for each order. The second site will allow those who want to shop for little higher-end merchandise to use the $30 “THANKYOU” code voucher and your own credit card to make a purchase. Instructions to access the storefronts can be found below:

  1. Visit the CRAEA staff intranet.
  2. Go to the Business Office/HR page.
  3. Select the Central Rivers AEA “Thank You” Storefront page.
  4. Choose one of the two catalogs to shop from (read the page for web store details e.g. – tax-exempt vs. non-tax-exempt).

For more information, please see the FAQs for CRAEA “Thank You” storefront document or contact Jenny Young, (jyoung@storeykenworthy.com) our apparel account representative.

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