What’s new in the CRAEA On Demand System?

What do you want to learn today? Check out the latest on-demand learning pieces by our Central Rivers AEA experts!

English Language Development: Social and Academic Language – Lisa Wymore & Annalisa Miner, Consultants for English Learners
Understanding a student’s English language development is a first step in planning appropriate instruction and supports. This video will assist educators in understanding the difference between social and academic language as well as the implications these hold for instruction.

Submitting On-Demand Content– Kay Schmalen, Director of Professional Learning
Looking to submit learning for our Learning Management System? Review this slide show for guidance for on-demand submissions, paying special attention to resources for copying/branding and accessibility.

Universal Constructs: Critical ThinkingDana Harskamp & Kelly Gallagher, Consultants for School Improvement
Imagine an environment where learners question, engage, connect and think critically! Here is an overview of what exactly it means to think critically. This learning will help you begin to think about infusing these strategies into your own classroom. Through examples and connections to your own work, you’ll go on a critical thinking journey of your own!

Check out all our learning opportunities by visiting Central Rivers AEA LMS. Didn’t see what you were looking for? Provide us with feedback on content you’d like to see in the LMS.

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